Ashberry Healthcare Secure 36% More Enquiries Through Audience-First Content.

Since the start of July, we have helped the Ashberry Healthcare team gain a 72% increase in organic users and a 36% increase in enquiries compared quarter on quarter.

Brendan Gilbert
Brendan Gilbert
October 10, 2023

TwelveTwentyFive started work with Ashberry Healthcare for the past three months, working with the marketing team on their organic search strategy, with a particular focus on audience-first content.

Since the start of July, we have helped the team gain a 72% increase in organic users and a 36% increase in enquiries compared quarter on quarter.

Starting Situation.

As an established care home provider, with six locations, Ashberry Healthcare’s website was split into seven sites - with each location having their own domain, meaning they were losing out on consolidating their link equity into one website, weakening their ability to rank for local terms and diluting their authority against competitors.

From a separate domain to a folder on the main website…

Ashberry Healthcare regularly blogged about events and news coming from their care homes, but there was little helpful content around their services or the process of putting a loved one into care, with large content gaps throughout the buyer’s journey. Furthermore, Ashberry Healthcare’s Analytics were set up incorrectly when it came to cross domain tracking, so every visit that touched one of the location websites was being counted as double - inflating Analytics numbers.

What TwelveTwentyFive and Ashberry Healthcare have achieved in the past 3 months.

- We brought the six standalone location websites back into the website structure and rewrote copy for these landing pages to help Ashberry Healthcare better compete in local searches. This has led to a transformation in traffic coming to the site from local terms - 10X more local traffic to the website.

- Rewrote and relaunched all service pages on the website. These include a full redesign of these crucial landing pages and re-writing the on-page copy to better match the intent of the target buyers. This has led to a 56% increase in organic sessions to these pages since they were relaunched.

- Recently, we’ve launched the first set of service dedicated copy designed to answer audience pain points by discussing areas such as costs, processes, and expectations.

- Completed a full set-up and migration to Google Analytics 4, created a brand new Looker Studio report dashboard and set-up Cookiebot software on the website. This ensures the numbers reported on are as accurate as possible.- Regular visits to work at the Ashberry Healthcare office to build a better working relationship with the marketing team and help secure buy-in from company directors

- Overall, in a short space of time, from very little organic visibility, Ashberry Healthcare is starting to see superb results, by catering for their user and buyers through considered and contextual content that is written with an audience-first mindset.

Here’s what Ashberry Healthcare have to say

Claire Fry, Head of Sales and Marketing at Ashberry Healthcare said, “In order to boost the number of enquiries we need to increase our care home occupancy, we knew we had to improve our organic search visibility, having relied more on social and paid media channels in the past.

TwelveTwentyFive have been great since we’ve been working with them - they were completely honest with the team about our lack of organic performance from the outset and have since delivered high quality work that has improved our visibility.

We are noticing a clear upward trend in the number of enquiries now coming in from organic searches. Having Brendan regularly join us at our office helps the Ashberry Healthcare teams understand and buy-in to our new digital marketing strategy.

We are excited to continue growing our organic search presence with the help of TwelveTwentyFive.”


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