SEO for Accountants and Bookkeepers

As accountants you rely on referrals for new business,
but are missing out on organic search.

Meaning you could be missing a chance to make more sales and grow revenue.

With industry regulations making tax digital, potential customers are being pushed online in greater numbers. These users are seeking advice and information at the same time. Making it imperative for you to have a clear online presence.

If you capitalise on organic search in the era of making tax digital, you will grow your client base and revenue streams faster than your competitors.

Winning formula for gaining new accountancy clients = referrals + organic search.

How can you get accountancy leads
from organic search?

Through leveraging proven SEO tactics, prioritised by estimated business impact.

With a combined 25 years of organic search experience, the team at TwelveTwentyFive have devised bespoke SEO strategies for financial professionals such as accountants, to secure increasing levels of online traffic, leads and revenue from their online presence. 

The TwelveTwentyFive Difference? We start with your audience, then optimise search.

Let's start. Today

Introducing the Accountancy Growth Council

TwelveTwentyFive is starting an exclusive group for accounting firms that want to go digital-first. We will show you how to build an effective organic search strategy to be more visible on Google and other search channels.

Starting on Wednesday November 1st, TwelveTwentyFive will provide a series of eight webinars. These webinars will be for a select number of accountants and will take place in a closed LinkedIn group.

Organic Search Strategies For Accountants

We improve your website's visibility in organic search by optimising it for three key factors. We know that the most successful companies relentlessly focus on the customer experience, to boost their presence on Google SERPs.

Google has pushed the importance of helpful content and E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) in their ranking algorithms.

What better way to show your E-E-A-T credentials than through content that prioritises human connections and real-world experiences.

We know people buy from people. Look at how you have prospered through word of mouth and referrals. It's this attention to the experience and the authenticity that drives results. 

This means audience-first content should be the focal point of any successful organic search strategy.

Audience-First Website content
for accountants

Emotionless, meaningless AI-generated content is rising. Instead, TwelveTwentyFive delivers audience-first content that connects and converts in three key ways.

- Boosting brand category affiliation
- Acquiring relevant high-value prospects
- Increasing the number of leads in your pipeline that convert into clients.

We help you showcase your company through authentic human connections and insights. Your potential clients need to understand how your services can help them.

This begins with the buyer's journey.

The buyer's journey underpins our whole content process. We use it to find gaps in your content.

Then we create experiences for your target audiences that lead to more clients on your books, more revenue and more profit.

Audience Research

We combine the buyer's journey with thorough research on your target audience to learn what type of content they prefer. Then we research the search landscape to identify your key growth areas.

At this stage, we gather information from your internal teams, potential users, and competitors to gain insights.

Content topic research

After understanding your audience, we research popular online topics related to your services and industry. We also review your current content.

We use topic clustering to maximise each content idea. Basing it on your target audience and their buyer's journey stage.

We rank topics based on their business growth potential, so the content we create can contribute to your bottom line fast.

Briefing and production

We help your marketing teams by making copy briefs for your copywriters or writing the copy ourselves.

We use expert writers to ensure copy has a relentless focus on the customer experience. Copy that answers user pain points and key questions.

Content Distribution

With our audience-first copy written and approved, we work with you to distribute it online. Whether that's posting on socials, or outreaching relevant industry publications.

Reporting focused on business impact

We provide regular, straightforward reports focused on the performance of your audience-first content. Analysing how it is delivering on your business growth objectives.

The above steps allow accountants to gain traction in organic search rapidly that drives client acquisition and revenue generation. 

After we gain traction, we help you speed up creating and sharing content in a systematic way. Helping you target more growth opportunities that will win you business.

Ready to turbocharge your business growth?