Audience-First Content, Search-Driven Revenue

How the Growth Game is Meant to be Played

At TwelveTwentyFive, we turbocharge growth for brands with audience-first organic content strategies. We drive lasting, valuable traffic throughout the buyer’s journey.

Partner with us for systematic growth, no-nonsense communication, and execution-driven strategies that set your brand apart.

The TwelveTwentyFive Difference:
Start with Your Audience,
Then Optimise Search

This is what sets TwelveTwentyFive apart:

We prioritise human connections and real-world experiences, creating high-impact marketing campaigns designed to:

Boost brand category affiliation

Attract and engage high-value prospects within your target audience

Drive relevant leads and sales

We know not all traffic and links are equal.

TwelveTwentyFive zeroes in on what counts: valuable traffic. That means:

Visitors from your ideal customer profile

Viewers interacting with content throughout their buyer’s journey

Proactive visitors making strides towards conversion - for example, downloading an eBook in the consideration stage.

We Relentlessly Focus On The Customer Experience.

Unlike the rest, we start with an in-depth analysis of your customers' journey.

By relentlessly prioritising their needs, from awareness to decision-making, we create tailored experiences that resonate and drive business growth.

Why Do We Do It?

Emotionless, meaningless AI-generated content is rising. Instead, TwelveTwentyFive delivers audience-first content that connects and converts.

TwelveTwentyFive was established by two seasoned industry professionals with over 25 years of combined experience. One is a former Head of SEO, while the other held the position of Associate Director of Digital at Aira, a top-rated SEO & Digital PR agency with a global reach.

Most SEO agencies are focused on search rankings. TwelveTwentyFive’s founders recognised that the existential threat of AI means this has to change.

The audience must come first. Real-world experience must take centre stage.

Why? As human experience and authenticity drive results. It’s been that way for decades - and hasn’t changed overnight.

TwelveTwentyFive delivers what AI can't – genuine human connections and insights, ensuring a deep understanding of the impact of your products or services.

What Do You Get?

A Team Who Knows How to Win

Our 10x(ers) champion a winning mindset, drawing inspiration from elite sports teams and their high-performance mentalities. We confidently craft high-impact organic growth marketing strategies that deliver.


By mastering proven tactics, we've made growth straightforward. We excel by focusing on the unchanging fundamentals of audience-centric marketing.

No-Nonsense, Straightforward Communication

We emphasise efficient, focused communication with our clients. We tackle tough conversations head-on and equip you with the vital information needed to excel.

Execution-Driven Strategies That Deliver

Our strategies relentlessly focus on elevating customer experiences and forging strong brand connections, generating valuable traffic that boosts revenue. Clear and easy to understand, our strategies minimise blockers and accelerate progress.

Ready to turbocharge your business growth?