Consistency is underrated

Why do I love consistency? Because consistency optimises for the long term. Resulting in longevity. If it were an equation it would look something like this consistency + performance = longevity.

Consistency is Underrated
Harry Evans
Harry Evans
September 19, 2023

My fiance is a native Russian speaker and a little over 365 days ago I took it upon myself to start learning the language. It’s certainly been a challenge. In fact if you Google ‘Is Russian an easy language to learn?’ the featured snippet reads as follows: “Russian is allegedly one of the most complex languages to learn; its Cyrillic alphabet is enough to scare you away. In fact, the Foreign Service Institute classifies it as a category-four language”. I can vouch for that! 

This is all important context for the core piece of information which is last week I completed 365 days of language practice on Duolingo.

In the same week our podcast, Building had its most listened to episode yet! This combination of events got me thinking about the power of consistency and what learnings we will be taking into TwelveTwentyFive. 

Consistency is defined as ‘The quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.’. Consistency is a common trait amongst the most celebrated people in the world of sport, entertainment, politics etc. 

Why do I love consistency? Because consistency optimises for the long term. Resulting in longevity. If it were an equation it would look something like this consistency + performance = longevity. It is this that resonates with me as a marketer, SEO and now business owner. 

What does this mean for TwelveTwentyFive? There are many ways this could be answered and the consistency + performance equation works for every facet of our business. When analysing our performance we break it down into five cores practices:

  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Operations 
  • Finance 
  • Delivery (clients)

If you apply the inputs of consistency and performance to any one of them you get longevity and a business that will survive and thrive with time as the output. For this post I want to focus on what this means for our clients and our audience. 

At TwelveTwentyFive we create audience-first organic search strategies that are optimised to help grow your business over the long term and I want to be clear here this doesn’t mean we will tell you that you’ll start seeing results in six to twelve months. An answer I am sure everybody reading this post is familiar with. 

This presents an obvious question in almost every pitch we deliver, ‘what about the short term?’. The answer to this question comes in two parts.

Part one - selling concepts that deliver consistent long term success

When Brendan and I were starting to form the image and positioning of TwelveTwentyFive we debated for several months if we were going to be a performance marketing or growth marketing agency. We decided on growth for one key reason - what we are selling to our clients. 

Performance marketing sells results. Growth marketing sells the concept of continual improvement to achieve success over the long term (longevity). Allowing us to build partnerships and teams, not clients who come and go.

Part two - consistency + performance = longevity

It is our belief that the answer to the question ‘what about the short term?’ lies within the equation itself. To achieve longevity you must continually perform. This means we’re optimising for high performance continually but not dependent on immediate results as we only want to work with people who are brought into the concept (see part one). 

I have worked in marketing agencies my entire career, from the day I left school at 17 and short-term results and the magic six month mark have been the demise of so many client/agency relationships (consistency). Why? Because agencies (I’m including myself in this) were selling results not concepts. Meaning our clients are only placing value on results but let me pose this question.

In the world of marketing agencies, short-term results have continually caused the downfall of client/agency relationships (consistency) because agencies were selling results, not concepts. But consider this: Is it valuable if, within the first month, your agency starts interviewing your customers, conducts surveys, and begins keyword research? Or, by the third month, resolve technical issues that impact your international rankings? Absolutely! These actions provide consistency + performance, which leads to longevity.

What does this mean for SEO?

Now, showcasing success can be challenging, especially when it comes to reporting. But the key is to focus relentlessly on what you aim to accomplish and what will help you get there. In organic search and SEO this is best explained in the diagram below.

Success is measured by five essential factors: Brand Category Affiliation, rankings, traffic, leads, and revenue. If an action doesn't contribute to one of these, it's not worth pursuing.

In summary, consistency is the key to long-term success in the world of organic search. Embrace it, and you'll build a marketing channel that not only survives but thrives over time. Helping to grow your business. At TwelveTwentyFive, we're here to partner with you on this journey, focusing on concepts that drive lasting results.


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