Introducing TwelveTwentyFive - The Audience-First Growth Marketing Agency

Former Aira duo Harry Evans and Brendan Gilbert have officially launched their own growth marketing agency, TwelveTwentyFive.

Co-Founders Harry and Brendan in the TwelveTwentyFive Office
Harry Evans
Harry Evans
September 4, 2023

Former Aira duo Harry Evans and Brendan Gilbert have officially launched their own growth marketing agency, TwelveTwentyFive

The Northampton based audience-first, data-driven growth marketing agency aims to take businesses across the globe beyond ranking number one in search. Set to work with established B2B and ecommerce brands, TwelveTwentyFive is intent on accelerating business growth by combining audience insight with proven, time-tested SEO principles. 

The company specialises in tailored content for organic performance that connects with a brand’s audience to achieve three key goals; boost brand category affiliation, generate valuable traffic, drive relevant leads and sales.

Alongside their focus on tailored content for organic performance, Harry and Brendan have a unique team and cultural vision, taking inspiration from the best, high-performing sports teams, like those in F1 and professional cycling. They aim to grow a team of 10x(ers) - experts who deliver 10x value in whatever they do - and they’re already hiring for two positions following a successful launch period, an organic search consultant and a business growth manager.

The offering is already proving attractive with several clients on roster after just 18 days of official trading. But this is just the start, as they have ambitious growth plans for the first year, with a target of £1m in annual recurring revenue.

This is all whilst growing in public, with a weekly podcast which launched at the same time, giving a transparent view into every step along the way. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and YouTube

Brendan said “We’d been talking about setting up our own agency for years. And at 12.25pm on 8th January this year, we decided it was time - the opportunity was now or never. SEO in its current form is going to be replaced by organic search, and we knew from our 25 years of combined experience, and work across over 250 brands, that we could help our clients lead the way.”

Harry added “A lot of SEO’s are pivoting to SEO being about building brand in response to AI and Search Generative Experience, but what does that mean? It feels like a way for SEOs to remove a layer of accountability. 

“We have spoken to many business owners since starting TwelveTwentyFive and a common theme is disappointment in SEO agencies not taking accountability for performance. With over 7,500 marketing-focused agencies in the UK, you have to take accountability and stand out or you’ll lose out - our approach and operations help us stand out from the crowd.”

Brendan added “We understand the pitfalls of traditional agency partnerships. TwelveTwentyFive was founded to transform this dynamic, embracing the spirit of high-performance teams and their proven strategies for success.”


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